10 Most Common Mistakes When Choosing Modern Lighting



One of the most essential aspects to be considered for anyone who wishes to improve the appearance of their home is lighting. A lot of home owners often overlook the importance of lighting and how it affects the overall impression created in each room. There’s now a wide selection of home lighting choices available on the market, so it can be tricky to determine which options will be most beneficial and help you to achieve your desired look. We’re here to help you strike a balance between style and functionality, avoiding some of the most commonly made mistakes:


  1. Incorrect use of recessed lights

LED recessed lights have become very popular in recent years because of their sheer versatility. However, many homeowners still fall into the trap of installing them wrongly. A lot of people try to fit as many downlights as they can in to the ceiling in the belief that it will provide them with the correct level of illumination. For the room to be fully illuminated, light needs to reflect off your walls. Downlights are a great addition when used alongside wall lights, pendants or free-standing lamps as this will allow every aspect of the room to be fully accentuated.

  1. Ignoring natural light

Daylight coming in from windows and patio doors can provide you with warmth and brightness at zero cost, so sometimes, ambient lighting for the whole room isn’t always the answer. If you can afford to, installing extra windows, roof lights or Velux ceiling windows can really bring a dark and dingy room to life. This will save you the cost of installing additional ceiling lights, and even in the winter, your room will feel a lot more bright and airy.

  1. Not considering ceiling height

Another common mistake homeowners make when purchasing lighting is not considering the ceiling height. Some of the most common styles of light fixtures that homeowners choose are chandeliers and pendant lights. While these contemporary options can provide houses with an appealing and luxurious feel, they’re not recommended for low ceilings since they can cause accidents and make small rooms feel cramped.



  1. Planning the position of lights

This common mistake comes down to failing to plan your lighting ahead of time, and it can have a huge impact on the finished look of your room. Wall lights and ceiling lights ideally need to be installed even before the plastering is done if you’re completely refurbishing a room. In the kitchen, you should think about what the different areas of the space are used for ahead of time so that you can strategically place specific lights where they’re needed; downlights over the fridge and cupboards, task lights over work surfaces and perhaps a pendant light over the kitchen table. Wall lights could also be put in place if there are certain areas of the room where you’ll be displaying artwork.

  1. Overlooking colour temperature

Many light bulbs now come with different colour temperature options which give off colours ranging from a bright white to a warm yellow. Think about how bright you want your room to be, which type of bulbs provide you the best result. While no one wants a room that’s too dark, your lighting shouldn’t be overly bright and glary either.

  1. Not checking the wattage

When buying lights for your house, it is also important to check the wattage. The wattage of certain bulbs can drastically affect the amount of energy being used and subsequently the price that you’re paying for your electricity bills. You may find that you’re incurring a lot of unnecessary expenses.

  1. Forgetting to install dimmer switches

Installing dimmer switches allows you to set the mood by controlling the light given off at certain times of the day. Many homeowners forget to install them, meaning their only two lighting options are fully lit or no lighting at all.



  1. Neglecting Task lighting

Task lighting can help to make daily tasks a lot easier. In a kitchen, installing task lighting over work surfaces provides the best level of illumination to see what you’re doing, while in the bathroom it provides more clarity for a mirror.

  1. Price over quality

Some homeowners also purchase the wrong lights for their home, especially when they opt for lower prices over quality. This is one of the most common mistakes among homeowners since they think that all light fixtures are the same. Branded lights are more durable than cheap ones, so you’ll get better value for your money in the long-run.

  1. Bathroom lighting

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used areas of the home, but is often overlooked in terms of lighting. Be sure to install adequate ambient and task lighting in your bathroom, for activities such as shaving or applying makeup.


By avoiding these common errors, you can be sure that you’re getting your ideal interior lighting option on the first time around. If you’re in search of the best lighting for your home, then our experts here at Contemp are happy to advise you on choosing options for each room or recommended the best option from our quality range.