Make the Most of your Staircase with Modern Lighting: 10 Key Tips



The staircase is one of the most import features in any home. It’s usually the first thing that your guests will see as they walk into your house and gaze along the hallway. By accentuating your staircase with the correct lighting, the entire entrance to your home will be transformed. The staircase is an area of the home that often gets neglected by home designers, despite being an area that is capable of conveying immense ambiance.

There are now a lot of modern lighting fixtures available which have been designed to accentuate staircases in the home. With the right choice, you can set a mood that’s elegant yet understated, regardless of whether your décor is traditional, contemporary or modern in design. Here are our ten lighting tips for making the most of your staircase:

  1. Make your Staircase the feature of your home

You should see your staircase as the spine of your home. It can be both functional and sculptural, and should definitely not be overlooked. When you’re choosing lighting for the staircase, think about design, construction and the specific effect that you want to convey. Are you trying to create dramatic, subtle or purely functional lighting? Most interior designers stick to a subtle and simple look, as this gives the most elegant finish.

  1. Make plans for staircases ahead of time

Whether you’re moving in to a new home or building your own home, the staircase shouldn’t be the last thing that gets thought about. Unobtrusive, trimless styles of lighting need to be installed even before plastering is done. Think about design of your stairs and ways to use lighting ahead of time so that it will be easier to implement these plans without disturbing the overall look of your home too much.



  1. Install recesses for better effect

Recess downlights can be a fantastic option for creating ambiance in your home. Recess lights have become a very popular option among interior designers, largely because of how energy efficient they are. The small 1w fittings are the best option to go for and they look great when spaced out on every stair or every other stair. You can also buy angled lights to fit into those tricky hall way corners.

  1. Make sure to use lights that guide the steps

Hallways and staircases are often the most dimly lit area of the house as they lack natural light that the other rooms have access to from windows. This means that innovative lighting solutions are required. Low-positioned flush-fit LED lights will illuminate the tread and riser area of the stairs properly, whilst still giving a stylish finish.

  1. Think in detail about the function and the style of the lights

Your lighting should illuminate the stairs and also provide a decorative effect. If you’re using the lighting for functional purposes as well as for aesthetic appeal, then you should be careful not to overdo it as you don’t want the staircase to be so lit up that it resembles a runway!



  1. Take a practical approach

As well as creating the wow-factor, it’s essential that you consider the practicalities of the staircase. Particularly narrow stairs can be given a dramatic yet discrete look by fitting a golden linear LED light under each tread. This also provides a warming effect if your staircase is made from oak or any other sort of wood. Go for no-glare fittings that will be invisible from all angles and provide easy removal if maintenance is required.

  1. Think about all parts of the staircase, not just the steps

There is always some space below the staircase and it can be used to add special effects to a larger area of space in your home. The sense of large space can be added to hallways with a light under the staircase and it also creates a great effect when light is reflected back.

  1. Use lightings for outside staircases too

The same rules apply outside of the house too. Outdoor staircases can also be illuminated to create a stunning impression as guests arrive at your home or venture in to the garden. Choose lights that have an added cover to protect the bulb from the effects of the weather. An electrician can advise you on the best options.


Lighting the staircase can enhance the overall look of your home, especially if the lighting is done strategically, with all of the right aspects taken into account. Using these modern lighting tips will do wonders for the overall aesthetics of your home and turn a simple staircase into a dazzling style statement.