5 Smart Modern Lighting Tweaks for Your Home



With the correct lighting in your home, you’ll be able to amaze your guests and set the perfect ambiance. By varying your lighting placement and playing around with brightness and colour temperatures, you can make sure that every room is looking its best. To get the mood right and create a wonderful appearance across the house, there are a few simple alterations that can be made. Here are five handy modern lighting hacks that will transform your living space.

  1. Switch to LED lights

The first and most important lighting hack for your home is to ensure that all of your bulbs are LED lights. Making this switch can save you a lot of money. Furthermore, LED lights are great energy savers that give off much less heat than the incandescent light bulbs. Studies have shown that LED lights have a higher energy efficiency than incandescent bulbs, making them more eco-friendly. LED lights are also great for that warm weather since they generate less heat and therefore keep the room cooler. LED lights may cost slightly more in the store than incandescent bulbs but they for a lot last longer, so you’ll still get great value for money. Moreover, the fact that they burn less energy means that you will be saving more money on your electricity bill.

  1. Dimmable LED Lights

When it comes to your living room there are a variety of lighting options that you can choose from. You could go for recessed lighting with several downlights spotted across the ceilings, or floor and table lamps to bring light to specific parts of the room. One simple yet very efficient lighting trick that can really create ambiance in your living room is adding dimmable LED lights. These light bulbs are available at any hardware store and they are very easy to install. LED bulbs are perfect for those floor or table lamps as well. This sort of lighting makes it possible to add a touch of drama to otherwise dull interiors. Additionally, if you have friends round to the house then it can help to create a warm glow that’s perfect for late-night socialising.



  1. Use Coloured Bulbs

It has become hugely popular for homeowners to purchase LED lighting in many different colours. Science has proven that colours can be used to set and create certain moods. They also generate heat differently. If you are looking to create that warm welcoming feeling, then those blue or green colour temperature bulbs are precisely what you need. White bulbs are perfect for the evening as they present a gently warm and calm atmosphere. Bedrooms should use a combination of vivid hues as well as making the most of natural type of light. Coloured bulbs are very easy to obtain. You can select your own range of hues that will reflect your mood.

  1. Brighten the Outdoors

Another dazzling modern lighting hack for your home is to illuminate your garden and driveway. Whatever type of atmosphere you want to create for your landscape, outdoor lighting can help to accentuate it. Adding a little radiance is always a welcome touch and it will come in handy if you are entertaining guests outdoors. It is recommended that you use low-voltage lighting around the outdoor area of your home. Besides the added beauty that lighting can produce for your home, outdoor lighting can also function as a form of security since it provides illumination for those dark areas around your home.



  1. Use Motion Sensor Floodlights

Home security is a major concern for all homeowners. This final modern lighting hack for your home is essential when it comes to home safety and protection. Sensor floodlights are a swift and very affordable means of protection. These lights come on automatically once a person approaches your home. It could be that they are walking or driving. The instant someone gets within a particular range the lights come on. Many people complain about these lights since they can also be triggered by some small animals. If the sensor lights ever become a problem you can simply turn them off by using the indoor switch on the wall.


We hope these tips have been useful to you as you plan lighting improvements for your home, something we have a great passion for here at Contemp. Feel free to browse our range and find the ideal option/s for your setting.