A Guide to Buying Contemporary Ceiling Lights



If you’re looking to change or add to the lighting options in one or several of your rooms, then contemporary ceiling lights are a fine option to consider. There are a variety of things to consider when buying ceiling lights, taking into account features including; material, intended purpose, light output, condition, colour, material, design and price. To create a stylish modern aura, as well as making the room appear brighter and airy, contemporary ceiling lights can be added. A good contemporary can blend in with all sorts of interior décors.

Types of Contemporary Ceiling Lights

It is crucial to remember that there are a range of design sub-categories to choose from. Pendant ceiling lights offer a distinct look from others, as they hang from a single cable. They are available in many colours, as are chandelier lights. Mainly made from metal and glittering crystal elements, chandeliers have been used for a long time and are still considered the best in the market. Spotlights are mainly used in dark rooms. In track lighting, many bulbs are joined together in a single track making them illuminate a wider area than other types. Lastly is the portal, emit lesser light than other types.

Room Considerations

While considering rooms all categories can be fitted anywhere, nevertheless, some may appear brighter in some rooms than others. The first rooms are hallways. Brighter rooms are best suited with pendants while darker hallways with track lighting or chandelier. In living rooms, the best options are the chandelier as they appear more illuminating. In the kitchen, the best option is the spotlights they provide enough light for cooking.in the bathroom a portal light is advisable while in the bedroom a track lighting is the best option.

Contemporary Materials

All categories appear best in different materials. For instance, plastic looks better if integrated into portal ceiling lights. The best of the all is glass and crystal. These two can be fitted in most of the contemporary ceiling lights as they are easier to clean. Metal ceilings are good but very expensive, lastly, fabrics are best when integrated with pendants. The quantity of bulbs is very important while choosing types to purchase. Portal lights and pendants work well when fitted with 1-3 bulbs. Spotlights need 4-6 bulbs to ensure proper illumination of a room. Chandeliers need approximately 7-12 bulbs to bring forth adequate light. And lastly, the track lighting need 12+ bulbs to ensure adequate distribution of light. Due to the high energy consumption of other bulb types, LED bulbs are increasingly popular to save energy. Other contemporary ceilings such as spotlight need specialized bulbs such as GU10.


Under normal circumstances, contemporary ceiling lights can be fitted in many places. Ranging from homes to lobbies. They all serve one purpose, to illuminate the area and make it look more appealing. The best platform to purchase the ceiling lights is on online platforms as they will help you choose a wide range of categories.