A Guide to Buying Modern Bathroom Lighting



The bathroom is one of the most frequently visited rooms of the house, so having the right lighting in this part of your home is essential. Bathroom lighting should be bright and clear to facilitate your morning grooming routine, but it should also be used to create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere, where you can unwind at the end of a busy day. Whatever look you’re going for with your bathroom décor, there are plenty of lighting options to make your bathroom both beautiful and functional. Here’s what our lighting specialists had to say:

Task lighting

Task lighting has a very specific purpose. It provides the best level of illumination for seeing what you’re doing and viewing your reflection mirror during shaving or applying makeup. By placing lights around the mirror or a spotlight above the vanity mirror at your sink, you’ll get a much clearer image, whether it’s day or night.

Decorative Lighting

If you’re looking to inject a bit of style into your bathroom interior, then decorative lighting is what you need. You’ll be surprised by how a simple lighting alteration can alter the whole mood of the room. From subtle floor spotlights to a shimmering chandelier, here at Contemp, you’ll find something to suit every taste and style.

Energy efficiency

Traditional light bulbs, including tungsten filament, incandescent or GLS bulbs are all extremely inefficient and will have to be replaced more often because they don’t last for long. Swap traditional bulbs for a more energy efficient option in LED spotlights. These lights can be used for extended periods without inflating your electricity bill.




Spotlights are a stylish and modern option. They’re great for creating atmosphere and highlighting certain features of your bathroom. They’re discreet enough to hide away on the ceiling or floor unnoticed. Installing a spotlight above a vanity mirror is also a good idea, if there’s a lack of natural light.

Mirror lighting

Investing in a mirror that features a light is the best option if you’re going to be shaving or applying makeup in the bathroom. As well as providing a clear reflection, an illuminated mirror will bring more light into the bathroom and add an atmospheric touch. Mirror lighting can be both mains and battery powered.

Bath tub lighting

Installing bathtub lights to shine out from beneath the water will create a relaxing setting that makes you feel as though you’re at a spa every time you take a bath. For true sophistication, choose specially-made spotlights. There’s nothing more relaxing than bathing in a hot bath in low light from the comfort of your own home.

LED floor lighting

While ceiling lights can sometimes seem too harsh, lighting your bathroom from the floor up can create an understated yet luxurious look. LED floors lights offer effective lighting and an exciting contemporary design.



Bathroom surfaces

The materials that make up your bathroom are equally important as the lighting, because light tends to reflect in different ways from each type of surface. If you have glossy surfaces, then the lights will reflect a lot and be more prone to glare. Matte surfaces are less reflective, making them better with ambient lighting. There are also certain metallic materials that can be put to work with accent lighting for a great look in an illuminated bathroom.

Lightbulb tone

The tone of your bathroom lights is also an important factor that must be considered when upgrading. This must not be mistaken with the colour of the lights because while colour represents the spectrum created from red, yellow and blue, and influences the perception of an object, the tone represents the mood of the lights. There are two types of lights to take into consideration: warm or cold. Warm lights can be used with darker toned materials for illustrating contours, cold lights should be used with brightly coloured elements as it shows their original colour in the best way.


With just a few of these alterations, your bathroom will become a lot more functional and a lot more pleasing to look at. We hope that these tips have been a lot of help. You might even be able to put some of them to use in other rooms such as the kitchen too. Bathroom spotlights, mirror lights and energy efficient lights can all be found on our site here at Contemp, so be sure to have a browse through if you’re undergoing a bathroom upgrade.