A Guide to Contemporary Bedside Lighting Options



The bedside is one place that can make the rest of your day worth working for. Lighting your bedside is good because it prepares you to sleep or even to wake up. Lighting can change the boring appearance near one’s bed. Many think that the dramatic pose of a lampstand is an old joke but it is the best lighting that has ever been discovered. Here are guidelines which can help you to choose contemporary bedside lighting options. There are a number of features to look into while considering bedside lighting.

Elegant Bedside Pendants

Pendants have gotten into people’s minds over a number of years now. They help to illuminate corners near the bed and save adequate space near the bed. The look is very catchy, ranging from master bedrooms to small apartments. Additionally, you can also blend chandeliers with pendant lights, creating a whole new feeling of falling sound in sleep with disturbances provided the light illuminated is soft and dimly lit.

Get Innovative

Of late, innovators are coming up with different kinds of pendants and bedside lamps. This is a great opportunity for you to exercise your innovation too. By this, you can put a pendant on one side of the bed and a floor lamp on the other. A picture of kinky contrast is formed. This illuminates your bedside completely. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like too much light from pendants and floor lamps you can choose LED strip lighting.



Embrace the Geo-Movement

Without changing the backdrop, you can give your bedroom a smart geometric focal point with the right contemporary lighting. Ranging from polygons to triangular shapes, exquisite pendants can bring forth an artistic sensation. These lamps grab the attention, styling up the space, especially in the absence of a bedside table.

Adaptable Sconce Lighting

Sconces are great for adaptability and well suited for those who like to spend time in bed reading or on a tablet. Their flexible arms enable them to be accessed from different points when one is on the bed, they also come in a variety of different styles and sizes to match with whatever contemporary décor you employ in your bedroom.


Considering the guidelines presented above, it is suitable that you put some thought into exactly what style fit you want near your bedside. It may seem like a small choice compared to a living room or kitchen, but it’s actually a space that has a continued impact given that it’s the first and last design space you encounter each day.

We offer a range of contemporary lighting options here at Contemp that we think could be ideal for your bedside space, with stylish LED pendants, table lamps, floor tamps and track lights that could look wonderful in your home space. Feel free to browse our range and find the best fit for you.