A Look at Contemporary Kitchen Lighting Ideas



Many people consider the kitchen as a primary functional space when it comes to designing a house, but don’t always make the most of the area as a style fit. This is often a missed opportunity, as in many homes it will be the kitchen that is the first place guests get to spend time when visiting. One of the key considerations for contemporary design is in your lighting choices, with kitchen lighting options ranging from ceiling and wall lights, to additional lighting under cupboards, over the hob and even the sink. Here are some key considerations:

Defined Dining Zone

The use of contemporary pendant lighting in a kitchen that has a dining table is a fine option. They’ll help distinguish between the cooking area and the dining area and provide a great lighting backdrop for meals and having dinner conversation.

Lit Cooking Zone

Many people have a kitchen which is relatively dimly lit, but is useful to ensure your kitchen is lit in such a way that all key features are well covered. This can be with a softer lighting, it doesn’t have to be overly bright, but just in a way that it helps you to perform all kitchen duties well and induce a lively atmosphere into the kitchen.

Statement by Lineation

By providing translucent cupboard doors, you can form appealing shadow lines in the kitchen. It gives off the feeling that the cupboard structure can provide brilliant light effects and offers a real style boost.

Chandelier Feature

A contemporary crystal chandelier option, with its glistening metallic shimmer can make for a stunning fit in a kitchen. Another idea is adding a black chandelier, or integrating it with colour-changing LEDs for varied tone.

Cabinet Spotlights

Spotlights under the cabinet ensure that this kitchen area is lit and are a great advantage because they are cheap and easy to maintain whole offering a contemporary style boost.



Kitchen Light Extractor

Commonly used to eliminate excess steam and odours, a well-lit kitchen extractor can also be used as a lighting style feature. If it is well lit and well designed, it can actually provide a relaxing sensation in the kitchen.

Multi-Level Lighting

You can also hang different kinds of lighting at varying levels around a dining table area or kitchen worktop area. This creates focal points which are pleasing to the eye and elevate the whole area in style. To get to some kitchens you may come up or down stairs, so for ambient lighting you could install lights on flooring or ceilings.

Bright & Ambient Shelving Options

By hanging lights above a unit, one can brighten kitchen shelves. One of the ideas favoured by many is an electric industrial theme. As many kitchens are somewhat separate from others parts of a house, particularly in style terms, it could be that your lighting choices give the kitchen an ambiance that helps it to fit better with the rest of the house, corresponding to similar themes in the living or dining room.

Overhead & Zonal Lighting

In open kitchens, hanging overhead pendant lighting is often recommended, as it creates focal points which can direct guests towards the area. Zoning pendants to highlight certain areas of the kitchen – particularly those with dinner tables – is another great idea. Again this is a feature that helps create points of focus and enhance style.


We hope these ideas and various examples help you to clearly see how lighting your kitchen can change a whole theme. Here at Contemp we have many contemporary lighting options for a kitchen with modern and lively style.