A Guide to Contemporary Lighting Home Design Options



The whole idea of creating a living space design is to ensure that those who use it most enjoy it most. Your main living space has many uses, but whether you use it for watching TV, eating, taking naps or reading, you’ll want to think about the key design considerations as you begin to choose lighting. When re-designing a room, you should consider which style fits are most helpful. Here are some useful guidelines on home design options for you to use.

Don’t create too much shadow

While the purchasing of a modern chandelier is a fine contemporary lighting option, it’s important to think about the areas you will place it. A sleek contemporary option is ideal for a standard home, as it will create fewer overbearing shadows than a big one. Chandeliers can be placed in many places; kitchens, living rooms and hallways are all popular placements. A chandelier gives family and guests alike a stylish option to enjoy.

Think about design themes in the home

With the wide variety of lamps on the market at present, you have endless options to change up your room’s style with different lighting solutions. The living room can have different lights from the kitchen and the dining area likewise, deciding what to put where is not an exact science, but you’ll want to consider how different lighting options interact with the surrounding décor. Knowing the kind of light you want in your kitchen and your bathroom represents more crucial design steps. You can place lamps in corners of rooms or on shelves to illuminate utensils or other items. This will create an atmosphere that blends artistry with function.



Light combined with art

Just think of all the homes you’ve been into where the first item that catches your attention is a painting, photo or other piece of art on the wall. Wall art has the potential to be a wonderful style feature when illuminated well. Lamps with low lights can be placed near or even integrated into framing, lighting the whole image and giving it a lively appearance. Pictures on frames can look more appealing if mounted near lamps, so knowing where to put your photos and posters is an important touch. Make the most of the complimentary ambiance of art and light.

Creating a romantic tone

You may wonder why homage to romantic settings in movies has become so iconic in artwork and design. It often owes a lot to the light provided in those settings. Using wall lights is one of the best ways to illuminate your own romantic ambience. With the right positioning for lamps, you can create a romantic tone with or without a fireplace. Spotlight lamps with soft light or even coloured bulbs are often the best for romantic areas.


In designing a home, it is very important to consider lighting, as there’s a whole world of exciting lighting solutions to tap into. Here at Contemp, we’re passionate about quality lighting that provides both style and function, ensuring that your rooms are not only well lit but will also more visually appealing.