How to Choose a Modern Chandelier



Chandelier lighting is a trend that has lasted across the centuries. As one of the most timeless forms of lighting, chandeliers have the ability to add a hint of the luxurious to almost any space. Over the years, interior designers have made many modifications to the traditional chandelier, playing around with size, shape and colour, but never detracting from its eye-catching splendour. Now, these decorative lighting fixtures can take many forms.

From glass and plastic to more metallic designs, a chandelier can be found to complement practically any style of interior décor. There are, however, several key factors that should be addressed if you’re choosing a contemporary chandelier to accentuate your décor home. Our lighting experts have put together a guide to help you avoid some of the most common lighting mistakes when it comes to picking out a modern chandelier.

  1. Consider the material of the chandelier

There are a number of materials for chandeliers that can be used to achieve different looks. Some of the most popular designs include crystals, faux candles, bronze, brass and wrought iron. Each one will reflect the light its own way and create a unique mood in your room. Think about how your preferred choice will work with your general décor and the shape and size of the room that you’ll be using it in. Decide whether its purpose is to complement or to balance your existing colour scheme, and select the material of your chandelier accordingly.



  1. Bring in other light sources for balance

The chandelier should by no means be your only source of light in the room. LED recessed lights are often used in tandem with large chandeliers to ensure that the walls and corners of the room  are properly illuminated. You could fit the recessed lights in to the floor or walls rather than the ceiling so that the light is shining upwards and not detracting from the impact of the chandelier. Make sure that you install a dimmer switch to control the light.

  1. Consider the benefits of energy efficient lighting

We all know that lighting your home comes with a cost. It is predicted that in an average family home, lighting accounts for 15% percent of their bills. The use of energy efficient devices and bulbs can help to cut these costs significantly, whilst maintaining that you’re still able to enjoy high levels of light. Opt for LED bulbs instead of traditional light bulbs, and you’ll observe a decrease in cost and increase in efficiency as your light bulbs last longer.

  1. Size, style and fixture

Before choosing lighting for your house, it is important to have basic knowledge of the common mistakes to be avoided. Most often, homeowners will choose the wrong size, the wrong style or wrong type of fixtures for their chandelier. For example, a contemporary style chandelier in an old Georgian-style home could, on the surface, make it look fresh and welcoming. However, such excitement usually tends to be short-lived among these homeowners, who soon discover that their chandelier does not match their home’s aura and style. Find a size and style that will not look out of place in the room that you’re refurbishing.



  1. Consider the size and height of the chandelier

The size and height of the room should be considered when choosing the perfect lighting. A large room requires a large chandelier for effective lighting and beauty, while a smaller sized room requires a chandelier that will fit without appearing to be overpowering. Measurements should therefore be taken and put into consideration before lighting is purchased.


We passionately believe here at Contemp that finding the right lighting has a huge impact on the overall impression created by your home décor. It can also be used to say a lot about our own personality and style, so by putting these modern lighting tips in to practice, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find the perfect modern chandelier for your home, whether you’re going for a classic look or a contemporary finish.