A Guide to Perfect Contemporary Lighting for a Bedroom



For a while, bedrooms were only viewed as places for sleeping, with minimal thought to the design expression they help. Today, that perspective has changed, with the popularity of interior design shows helping us to recapture a sense of artistry in every room of the home. When it comes to finding the best style fit for your bedroom space, lighting is key. Here are several options for ideal contemporary lighting in your bedroom.

  1. Ceiling Lights

A ceiling with a light placed at the centre is of course best if you only have the one light, but you may wish to utilise several smaller lights in different parts of the room. The main aim is to ensure that all corners and areas of the room have equal and adequate light.

  1. Task Lights

Should your bedroom include a dressing area, you may want to employ specific task lighting in the form of a floor or table lamp at specific angle poise. An illuminated mirror on the wall or table can be equally helpful.

  1. Reading Lamps

In order not to strain your eyes when reading at night, you should have a reading lamp of suitable brightness. Wall mounted lamps or table lamps are best for this function in bedrooms, with pendant lamps a fine option.

  1. Romantic Feel

Whether you want to come up with relaxing atmospheres or romantic auras soft accent lighting is an ideal fit for your bedroom, with the potential of including a dimmer option another great tool.

  1. Wardrobe Lighting

You don’t need a walk-in closet to benefit from wardrobe lighting, if you’re anything like us you may have encountered problems being able to see your clothing while searching through a standard wardrobe. To avoid this frustrating experience, fitting the wardrobe with small LED lighting is an ideal fix.



  1. Natural Lighting

To ensure you don’t waste electricity during the day time, it’s always worth considering your use of natural light.

  1. Blocking Light & Noise

While having the right light is key, it’s also important to consider your capabilities in terms of reducing light at the right time. During the night, eliminate any form of light and ensure all electrical plugs are switched off.

  1. Switch Placement

No one likes fumbling in the darkness to reach for the switch or the bed after switching off the lights. If you know that you want your bed in a specific place, install your switches near your bed to ease things up.

  1. Ideal Bulbs

There are many forms of bulbs in the market, just as there are many types of lighting. Here at Contemp, we’re advocates for the quality of contemporary LED lighting as the leading market option, a trend which is becoming increasingly popular across modern style settings.