A Room by Room Guide to Modern Lighting Options



Every room of our homes has its own role to play. For rooms such as the kitchen and the office, it’s important to strike a balance between functionality and style. While we want lighting that makes a statement, it’s also important to find fixtures and bulbs that are functional and provide enough light for us to go about our tasks daily effectively.

The good news is that with just a few modern lighting alterations, you can transform the whole atmosphere of your home. Before purchasing any lighting for your home, you should be aware of exactly how each item will affect the ambiance of the room that you’re using it in. Here’s what our Contemp specialists had to say about proper lighting:

The Living Room

Most people spend the majority of their leisure time in the living room. The lighting in the living room should not only be functional but also easily manageable and positioned in accordance with the positioning the furniture. If there are pieces of artwork on the walls that you wish to draw attention to, then you can illuminate them with LED floor lights to create an elegant finish. One of the best types of lighting for a living room is the ceiling pendant with a blend of floor standing up-lighters that can be turned on and off easily. You can improve the ambiance of your living room by incorporating dimmer switches to create a relaxing effect at night time.



The Kitchen

The most suitable form of lighting for the kitchen is the task oriented type of lighting that focuses on the work area. You can use focused under-cupboard lights that are directed to your work surfaces. Combine this form of lighting with the recessed ceiling spotlights to create a fresh look that sheds light on all areas of the room. You should also consider a dimmer light option if you use your kitchen as a social area.

The Dining Room

The dining room should be a bright and airy setting that facilitates relaxation. You can make the most of the room’s natural light by going for pendant lights. This sort of lighting won’t overpower the light that’s coming in from your windows or patio doors. Instead, it will illuminate key areas of the room such as the dining table where the eating and socialising will be going on.

If you’re in need of ambient lighting that covers the whole room then track lights are a great option. If you want to lower their brightness at night time, they can be easily controlled and lowered with a dimmer switch. Floor lamps are another lavish lighting choice if you want to draw attention to other parts of the room and take focus from the table.



The Bedroom

The bedroom requires a mixed variety of lighting. Soft lighting is the best for relaxing and unwinding after a busy day, while bright pedant lights are perfect for above a dressing table or wardrobe. Bedside lights that can be switched on and off individually are excellent for reading as well as winter mornings when there is no natural daylight.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms of a house and hence it should have effective lighting. Pay attention to the tone created by your ambient lighting and opt for bulbs that give off bright clean white light for maximum clarity. You could also consider using a down-light that’s focused on the exact location of the shower to provide illumination for just that area.

Task lighting is suitable for a grooming mirror as it will provide the perfect illumination for applying makeup or shaving. To improve the feel of the bathroom you could also consider using a controlled dim switch to create a warm glow in the bathroom for occasions when you want to take a quiet, slow and relaxing bath.