What Materials are Available for Modern Lighting Fixtures?



When it comes to decorating or refurbishing your home, the materials used for your lighting fixtures are a very important consideration. Each material can be used to help create a specific look and feel. Depending on your specific design purposes, certain materials will perform better than others. The most common materials include glass, metal, cement, fabric or acrylic. Each one will offer a unique texture, light play, and suspension. Learning a bit about each material will give insight when it comes to choosing the best option:


Glass lighting fixtures are usually chosen for their aesthetic appeal. In recent years, interior designers have inventively played around with texture, the thickness of the glass and different tones. The results of this have produced some fascinating light play and geometric impressions. Glass can be completely transparent for direct lighting, semi-opaque to create a warm glow effect or seeded to produce an interesting dimpled lighting effect.


Most lamps on the market make use of metal components. Metallic fixtures are most commonly used for pendant lighting and wall mount framing because it’s light in weight but also extremely durable. Using metal as the central element of your lighting can create some dynamic looks. From brass and copper to aluminium and wrought iron, every choice of metal offers a different look and feel. You can choose from smooth or textured metallic fixtures, and it’s up to you whether you go for a natural looking or vibrantly coloured finish.




Cement has been used for centuries for creating interior pieces, from ancient pots, pans and tiles to contemporary lighting fixtures. Cement fixtures are great if you’re going for a contemporary look with your interiors as they reflect the post-modern urban structures that came to underpin European architecture during the 20th century. When used inside the home, cement lighting fixtures give a weighty and organic look and usually, they’ll have a stunning textured finish. Opt for simple décor to create a refreshing contemporary look.


Fabric lighting fixtures create an elegant and classic look. You can add texture by experimenting with light diffusion and shadow play. Each fabric type offers a wide range of colours and patterns. Try to find a lighting fixture with the exact shades and accents found in your interiors to really bring them to life. If you want to create a classic and timeless look, then a pleated fabric shade can work well. For a more avant-garde feel, a looser burlap fabric can be used to summon that rustic beauty.




Modern acrylic lighting components are lightweight, precise and easy to work. They’re the best options for floor and wall spotlights. You’ll find acrylic fixtures in almost any size, shape and colour. High quality acrylic can be used to create a dazzling modern look. It can, however, clash with rooms where natural materials such as wood are used for the interiors, giving too much of a synthetic look if not properly balanced with your existing décor scheme.



Knowing a little more about the materials of these modern lighting fixtures will provide you with a full understanding of the best options for your own setting. Here at Contemp, you’ll find a vast range of decorative lighting fixtures that perform one or more different lighting functions. The advantage of modern architectural lighting fixtures is that they provide ambient light, as well as aesthetic appeal.