Ceiling Lighting

Here at Contemp, when it comes to our selection of LED products, each and every modern lighting solution is able to set a standard for both beauty and efficiency. Take, for example, our LED ceiling lighting range, which each offer an impressive degree and quality of contemporary lighting via their Light-Emitting Diodes, alongside the beautiful artistry of each luxury light design. We have a host of options for your style setting.

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Imagine the satisfaction that will be garnered from adding a fashionable new ceiling fan to complement your home or business décor, all while knowing that you’re enjoying a far more energy-conscious way of enjoy modern lighting in your space. Alongside the dynamic sense of style in each of our contemporary lighting pieces, whether bold or subtle in application, each of our LED ceiling lights also facilitate 6 to 8 times less energy consumption than their typical incandescent and halogen variations.

As well as the gorgeous range of aesthetic options offered to any room design, our LED luxury lighting solutions have a lifespan that allows them to illuminate beautifully and effectively for in excess of 7 years’ constant use before needing to be replaced. This is at least 10 times that of compact fluorescent bulbs and a staggering 130 times longer than typical incandescent bulbs. All of these benefits mean that our stylish contemporary LED lighting range can dramatically reduce your maintenance costs and energy usage, providing a long-term investment that will look wonderful in your home.

On top of this, there are safety benefits to consider. LED ceiling lights generate virtually no heat, remaining cool to the touch at all times while offering superior lighting quality and volume. This essentially means that you can leave them on for hours at a time without risk of burning yourself (or an object) if and when accidentally brushed against. Compare this to a traditional incandescent lighting, which expels 90% of the energy it consumes via heat, is hot to the touch, posing much higher safety risk and energy wastage.

Here at Contemp, we work tirelessly to find the ideal contemporary lighting solutions to your LED ceiling lighting needs, all while being mindful of providing you with the great prices and reliable delivery options that enable us to stand out in our field. Take a look at our range and find your best modern lighting fit.