Floor Lamps

When it comes to combining stylish visual quality, value, efficiency and durability, our LED floor lamp options set the standards in terms of artistry, offering a stunning range of modern lighting solutions. In fact, Contemp’s range of LED floor lamps exceed expectations in a number of ways, providing a highly effective and desirable type of contemporary lighting that can provide a gorgeous style fit for home or office.

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Drawing their power of illumination from Light-Emitting Diodes, our contemporary lighting offers a much higher quality of volume and clarity of light compared to the filament and gas lighting used in the previously more popular light bulbs. Here at Contemp, our LED lighting solutions are setting a far higher standard for stylish and luxury lighting solutions in a number of key areas.

Benefitting from a much higher projected lifespan, our LED floor lamps have the potential to offer their stunning modern lighting capabilities for upwards of 7 years of daily use. This leads to significantly reduced running and maintenance costs, which is one reason for the recent rise of LED lighting products. In terms of environmental impacts, LED contemporary lighting is of benefit too, with our stylish LED floor lamps manufactured from non-toxic materials.

Differing from the incandescent and halogen iterations which went before, LED floor lighting vitally avoids the need for mercury as an active component in its construct, which has always posed an element of health and environmental risk. All these benefits mean that you can be safe in the knowledge that the gorgeous design touches they bring to your setting don’t come at environmental cost.

Another key feature of LED floor lamps is they combine stylish modern lighting with safety benefits, through a dramatically reduced chance of burns from an LED bulb. This is due to a phenomenal 90% less heat emitting from LED contemporary lighting options compared to their inferior predecessors. LED floor lamps offer improved resilience, beautiful aesthetic quality and variation, more efficient energy capabilities and superior safety, adding up to a product which is understandably setting a new standard for quality.

Here at Contemp, we are experts in these modern lighting industry developments, making us ideally placed to offer our customers an ever-expanding product range of stylish lighting solutions. For a host of luxury lighting options that offer great value and are built to last, take a look across our range.