Lamp Shades

With a host of gorgeous style applications on offer with our LED lighting options, it’s easy to see why they’ve enjoyed such a dramatic rise in popularity. Given their stylish presence, it is likely that you’ll be looking for an equally visually pleasing lamp shade to complement your luxury lighting and complete it as the ideal design feature for your home or business setting.


With the plethora of classy and elegant contemporary lighting options on offer here at Contemp, there’s plenty of choice to add a measure of decorative beauty alongside the efficient energy usage offered by LED solutions. We offer a range of attractive fabric lamp shade options, with a variety of shapes, colours and styles that can enhance your combined LED lighting solution even further. This combination has been used by many different clients to bring a design boost to their specific style setting.

In addition to the choice offered by this range of colour and style options across our selection of lamp shades, they’re also designed for lasting quality, meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy one alongside your highly durable LED light for many years without having to worry about replacement. This cannot be said of any other popular luxury lighting alternatives such as incandescent or halogen bulbs, which are prone to run out every few months as opposed to the seven year usage projected with LED solutions.

There are also clear safety benefits to using LED lighting with an accompanying lamp shade, given that LED bulbs give off very little heat and remain cool to the touch, meaning they pose very little risk to your lamp shade whilst offering a superior quality of light to many other options. Take, for example, incandescent lighting, which uses 90% of its energy as heat, becoming very hot as well as using up a great deal of energy. LED lighting options are also crafted using safer non-toxic materials, and are also recyclable, so even when they do expire, they have little environmental cost.

Here at Contemp Lighting, we’d encourage you to take a journey through our gorgeous range of LED lighting and lamp shades options to find the ideal modern lighting solution to complement your home or commercial setting. We provide great customer care, as well as offering a level of value and reliable delivery services that make the purchasing experience even better. Enjoy browsing our range.