Pendant Lights

Here at Contemp, we take great pleasure in being able to offer a rare level of style quality across our stunning range of LED pendant lights, offering a level of elegance and artistry in their modern lighting design that is sure to catch the eye in a variety of home and commercial spaces. With their sense of sophistication able to elevate a room’s décor and adding a feeling of decorative and luxury lighting beauty, they’re a wonderful choice for the style conscious homeowner.

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In addition to being a standout choice in terms of aesthetics, quality LED pendant lighting offers a number of other key strengths that make them a wise investment, including their longevity of use. High quality LEDs enjoy a lifespan in the range of 60,000 hours (7 years’ unbroken use) meaning that there’s no need to worry about replacing a bulb every few months, which will often have been the case with previous luxury lighting options widely used before LEDs.

On top of the clear style benefits and cost-effectiveness of LED pendant lighting, safety is also well considered. LEDs generate minimal heat from their bulbs, staying cool to the touch at all times, avoiding the risk of a burn should an individual ever make contact with a bulb that has been on for a while. Compare this to incandescent lighting which radiates 90% of its energy consumption as heat, and you can see the difference. Furthermore, our LED pendant lighting options are made from non-toxic materials.

Our selection of contemporary lighting solutions are much less likely to shatter, also offering obvious standout design features to elevate the style of your rooms. LED pendant lights offer a beautiful blend of stylish contemporary design, high quality lighting output and low energy output – around 6 to 8 times less energy than halogen alternatives – keeping energy usage to a minimum while providing maximum style as a lighting option. There’s also the environmental angle, with LED bulbs recyclable and expiring far less often.

Here at Contemp Lighting, we’ve established a beautiful selection of LED pendant lights, so take a browse through our contemporary lighting range and see why LED lighting options are the future of domestic and commercial lighting solutions. We also ensure that we provide customer satisfaction in every area, with our pricing, delivery options and overall service also set the highest standard. Enjoy taking a look.