Table Lamps

You’ll be able to find a gorgeous selection of LED table lamps in our range, a classy modern lighting feature that is far exceeding previous alternatives such as incandescent or halogen bulbs. An increasing number of homeowners and designers are switching to this new luxury lighting technology for a variety of commercial and home settings, embracing their potential to offering a gorgeous visual addition to a room.

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In addition to the clear contemporary lighting style benefits, these LED table lamps are also offering superior energy efficiency. We offer a variety of different stylish designs, meaning that your LED table lamp will be able to provide the exact style solution you’re looking for. Their light comes via highly efficient light-emitting diodes, and with sustainability also a factor in today’s society, it’s of added benefit that our LED table lamps are both sustainability-conscious and environmentally friendly.

All of our LED table lamps are made from non-toxic materials, which cannot be said of fluorescent lighting solutions. Each of our stylish modern lighting options is also recyclable, with these environmental benefits not detracting in any way from the quality or volume of light produced by an LED table lamp. In fact, our luxury lighting actually offers a higher level of clarity and beauty compared to other lighting options, while using 6 to 8 times less energy compared to other options.

Our quality LED table lamps offer a beautiful combination of durability, light resolution, efficient usage, great safety levels and above all else, stunning aesthetic quality. It’s clear to appreciate why LED table lamps have become such a desirable design touch for many contemporary living spaces, as well as stylish commercial locations. With our luxury contemporary lighting selection, you’ll benefit from a great range of choice as well as some fantastic price points and reliable delivery options, ensuring that Contemp stands out from the crowd just as much as your new lighting solution will.

Here at Contemp Lighting, we’re committed to offering our clients a beautiful selection of LED table lamp choices from which to find their exact modern lighting fit, confident in the knowledge that we have curated a collection of the highest quality light solutions for each particular style preference. Why not enjoy browsing our collection of beautiful LED table lamp options?