Wall Lighting

There are few modern lighting choices as stylish as LED wall lights, with their elegant and sophisticated illuminating features able to enhance an existing or new room décor, adding a touch of decorative class. Here at Contemp we have a range of aesthetically appealing LED lighting solutions, offering stunning visual quality alongside some other key positives. When it comes to luxury lighting, we offer a stunning range.

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LED wall lights represent a sound investment, ideally equipped to become a long-term contemporary lighting feature in your home or business space with their lifespan of 7 years constant use. Rather than worrying about replacing spent bulbs every few months (as is the case with incandescent and halogen predecessors) you’ll be able to enjoy a superior volume and clarity of light for years to come.

In addition to conveying their obvious sense of style, LED wall lights offer further benefits, with their high lighting output combined with a low energy output. Very low in fact, as the energy they manifest to produce the same light quality as an incandescent or halogen bulb is 6 to 8 times less than the alternatives. This helps to achieve the exact luxury lighting environment you want, while keeping energy bills firmly in check. There’s no question that LEDs are poised to replace traditional incandescent light bulbs in the near future, becoming the preferred contemporary lighting solution for both professional and residential users.

With their beautiful contemporary designs, and LED technology regularly improving, we ensure the most innovative and stylish LED lighting options are present in the Contemp lighting range. Safety is also well thought through with LED wall lights, with LED bulbs much less likely to shatter, as well as the minimal heat generated from their bulbs allowing them to remain cool to the touch should anyone accidently brush against them with exposed skin.

Compare this to incandescent lighting, which expels 90% of the energy it consumes as heat, and you can see a clear distinction in this new modern lighting trend. In terms of safety and energy efficiency, as well as the obvious style benefits for a contemporary design market, our range of LED wall lights offer the height of modern lighting design.

Here at Contemp Lighting, we’d encourage you to take a pleasurable journey around our impressive range of LED wall lights, the future of stylish home and commercial lighting solutions. We also ensure to offer each and every client the best in terms of value and reliable delivery services.