We stock a range of stunning LED downlight items here at Contemp, showcasing a combination of contemporary style and modern efficiency that has them quickly replacing the more traditional incandescent and halogen light bulbs. Many consumers are embracing this new lighting technology for both commercial and domestic purposes, recognising that LEDs provide a gorgeous visual addition to your décor.

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Available in a range of visually appealing and uninhibited colour options (traditional bulbs require a filter to for colour variation, significantly compromising lighting efficiency), an LED downlight is a consistent and durable lamp that recruits light via Light-Emitting Diodes. As well as adding a luxury lighting piece that could provide a style feature in your home or business for many years, our LED downlights also offer sustainability-conscious products at the forefront of being environmentally friendly.

Our LED downlights are manufactured from non-toxic materials which, unlike their fluorescent lighting counterparts, avoid using mercury in their construction. Our modern lighting products are also recyclable, but none of these benefits come at the expense of the quality or volume of light generated by LED downlights. In fact, they offer a higher degree of clarity and beauty to other lighting solutions, despite using 6 to 8 times less energy in the process; you really do get style and substance in abundant measure.

Flexibility of placement is another strong suit of Contemp’s bespoke LED downlights, designed to function in a range of ceiling spaces and recesses, offering you a host of stylish modern lighting applications to offer a classy and subtle design element in any of your rooms. Safety is another concern for many consumers, especially those who know that children will be in the vicinity of the lighting, so you’ll be reassured to learn that not only are our stylish LED downlights less prone to shattering than comparable incandescent and halogen alternatives, but LED tubes and bulbs also release around 90% less heat.

So why not take a look for yourself and run the rule over our enviable selection of LED downlights? You’ll also get our commitment to the fantastic savings and timely delivery that ensure Contemp provides a service that exudes just as much quality as our contemporary lighting options do.