Offering a striking combination of design artistry, practical functionality and energy-efficiency, LED mirrors offer a range of stylish cosmetic applications in setting such as dressing rooms and bathroom mirrors. Not only can they provide a warm white light that is ideal to shave or apply make-up in front of, but they also feature great luxury lighting style which makes them a striking design feature in their own right.  We have a range of beautiful contemporary LED mirror options, with different sizes, shapes and styles available.

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Each LED contemporary lighting solution provides a superior modern lighting option to what has previous been available to consumers. We’ve built an exquisite range of LED mirrors here at TNR LED Lighting, with each and every model able to provide a quality and consistency of light that makes them a reliable and enjoyable design feature. As well as being a great design feature in a range of home and commercial applications, a good LED mirror is also an energy-efficient way to provide consistent high quality lighting.

LEDs use 6 to 8 times less energy on average compared to the same amount of luxury lighting from an incandescent or halogen bulb. There’s also the matter of lifespan, with an LED mirror bulb providing around 60,000 hours use on average, which is 7 years of constant use. This fantastic combination of energy-efficiency and long lifespan, allied with the fantastic visual qualities of their designs, make LED mirrors a great option to drastically reduce energy and maintenance costs, while providing an upgrade in style terms.

Not only are LED mirrors a fine style choice and a wise long-term investment, they also have great safety value, with LED bulbs using very little heat, staying cool to the touch as well as minimising wasted energy. Compare that to incandescent lighting, which uses 90% of its energy as heat, not only using far more energy, but also meaning they can be potentially dangerously hot to touch. This combination of qualities once again showcases why LEDs are setting the standard for contemporary lighting options.

Here at Contemp Lighting, we have a commitment to providing our clients with ideal LED mirror choices for a variety of modern lighting preferences, offering a sense of contemporary artistry to any design setting. We do this while maintaining fine prices and reliable delivery options, making us a leading option in our field. Enjoy browsing our range of contemporary lighting options and finding your ideal design fit.